Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

FAQs - General Questions
How far is it from the parking area to the festival?

On street parking is located all around the festival. There is a City of Fellsmere Parking lot located 1 block south of the festival grounds. Additionally, there is a free shuttle bus available on Saturday and Sunday that runs from off site parking (located east of the festival on CR512) to the festival entrance every 10 minutes.

Is it permitted to walk from the parking area to the festival?
Yes it is permitted as most of the parking is located directly surrounding the festival grounds.
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How frequently does the shuttle leave the parking area for the festival and from the festival to the parking area?

On Saturday and Sunday there are 2 coaches that run on a 10 minute loop from parking to the festival grounds.

Will there be police or security at both the festival and parking area?

There is police/security at the festival and our off site parking lot is monitored by attendants.

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What is the best day to attend in order to see the majority of the craft vendors?

The vendors will be there all 4 days. They arrive on Wednesday night and are not allowed to break down until Sunday at closing time (6pm). However, Saturday tends to be the busiest day with the largest crowds.

Thursday and Friday nights are great to enjoy the crafters with out the large crowd and Sunday is usually a less crowded day as well, however Sunday is the last day so the craft vendors may have sold out some of their inventory by that point.

What day and time of day is the festival least crowded?

The least crowded day and times are generally Thursday and Friday from 4pm-6pm.

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Will there be areas where you can sit at a table and eat?

Yes we have a large tent with tables and chairs for attendees to sit and eat.

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What type of toilet facilities will be available?

There are regular and handicap port-a-lets available. They are serviced daily for sanitation and cleanliness.

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Is there an ATM or Automatic Teller Machine?

Yes, There is an ATM located on the festival grounds.

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Are dogs allowed at this festival?

Yes, as long as they are on a leash your K9 friend can attend.

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